Mechant Navy

The fleet of merchant vessels, which are registered in a country, is called a merchant navy. Varying in capacity, a merchant navy is even called a merchant marine. The British shipping fleet was bestowed the "Merchant Navy" title by King George V. Such a naming was the result of their service in the World War - I. No sooner, this title was adopted by many other nations as well.


It is a commercial fleet, which is non-combatant in nature and deals with the transportation of cargo. At times, this includes passenger transportation as well. Thus, the fleet of merchant navy includes the following:

  • Cargo liners
  • Carriers
  • Passenger vessels
  • Specialized vessels
  • Tankers

In the present days, many students aspire to build their career in merchant navy. In this country, such a lucrative career, mainly, involves the below mentioned designations:

  • Deck watch keeper
  • Marine engineers
  • Navigating officers
  • Radio officers

The institutions located all over India, which offer different kinds of courses on this field conduct entrance examinations that one needs to qualify so as to get admission in those places. The most important entrance level examination, which is held at the national level for the enrollment of the students in the government merchant navy institutions, is called A.I.M.N.E.T or All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test. Following are some of the other popular merchant navy entrance examinations, which are conducted in different parts of the country:

  • L.B.S or Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research Merchant Navy Entrance Test
  • J.E.E or Joint Entrance Examination of M.E.R.I or Marine Engineering and Research Institute Joint Entrance Examination, Kolkata
  • J.E.E of Marine Engineering and Research Institute Joint Entrance Examination, Mumbai
  • T.S or Training Ship Chanakya J.E.E
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