This term refers to scientifically studying the nature, causes, control and extent of criminal behavior. Such a behavior can be both of an individual or society. It is an interdisciplinary branch of the behavioral science, which is dealt, mainly, by the sociologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. The social anthropologists and the lawyers often get involved in this field as well. This is a research based subject, where the research areas include the forms, incidence, causes as well as results of a committed crime.


Current Scenario of Criminology Courses in India In the present social scenario, this field has come forward as a challenging profession to the youths of this nation. Since, it deals with the cause and prevention of crime, the different courses related to this, help one in gaining knowledge about effectively identifying those causes and preventing measures. Nowadays, this is among the promising career options in the Republic of India. Students, who aspire to be a criminologist, need to have either a professional certificate or degree of criminology. Post acquiring such a degree, one can work as any of the following professionals:

  • Crime investigators
  • Crime laboratory analyst
  • Crime scene analyst
  • F.B.I. agents
  • Forensic engineer
  • Forensic surgeon
  • Police officers
  • Private detectives

Several professional institutions of the Indian Republic, nowadays, offer different courses on criminology and forensic science, which is a part of this field of study. Such courses are studied at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Some colleges even offer a doctoral degree of Ph. D. on this subject. Listed below are some of the popular most criminology courses offered by the various institutes, which are located at different parts of the country:

  • Bachelor's degree in criminology
  • Certificate course in criminology
  • Diploma course in criminology
  • Master's degree in criminology
  • Post graduate or P.G. diploma in criminology

Major Criminology Examinations in India A candidate, who wishes to enroll him or herself in any of the above mentioned criminology courses are required to have qualified in the entrance examinations conducted by the respective institute, where one seeks admission. The names of some of the popular criminology entrance examinations, which are conducted in different parts of the nation, are:

  • B.H.U. or Banaras Hindu University M.Sc. or Master of Science Entrance Examination
  • Bundelkhand University Master of Science Entrance Examination
  • Common Entrance Test or C.E.T. for P.G. Diploma Courses
  • Delhi University or D.U. Master of Science Entrance Examination
  • Dr. Hari Singh Gour Vishwavidyalaya P.G. Entrance Test
  • Karnataka University M.A. or Master of Arts in Criminology Entrance Examination
  • National Law University's or N.L.U.'s National Entrance Test
  • Osmania University M.Sc. Entrance Examination
  • Punjabi University M.Sc. Criminology Entrance Examination
  • M.U. or University of Madras Master of Arts Criminology Entrance Examination
  • University of Madras Ph.D. Entrance Examination
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