After complete 10th class, very confusion to select right carrier path and they have loft of options to continuous their studies, and student should be take right decision to start new journey, after 10th Class there are many career option to choose for higher education. Like Intermediate,Polytechnic, ITI, Paramedical courses and short term courses. Intermediate education because of the 'Gateway' is like. Intermediate group, the choice of the most crucial aspect of higher education as a bridge because the rest of the (higher) education everything depends on. It is first option every student looks after completion of the 10th class. Board of Intermediate Education created a different combination of approximately 85 groups. However, many students are enrolled in seven to eight combinations. Colleges and focuses upon. Some of the major groups

  • MPC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)
  • BIPC (Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • CEC (Commerce, Economics, Civics)
  • MEC (Maths, Economics, Commerce)
  • HEC (History, Economics, Civics)

Intermediate Vocational Courses

Vocational Education provides the students with a pathway to employment through their development of specialized knowledge and saleable skills. The instruction gives emphasis mainly to the development of basic manipulative skills, technical knowledge and occupational information. Vocational courses provided through collaborative arrangements with the relevant professional institutions give lots of emphasis on on-the-job training. These valuable methods bridge the gaps between school and employment and give the student the opportunity to earn while learning.

  • Accounting Taxation (A&T)
  • Marketing Salesmanship (M&S)
  • Office Assistantship (O.A)
  • Banking Financial Services (B.F.S)
  • Insurance Marketing (I&M)
  • Basic financial services
  • Export-import practices & Documentation
  • Office management
  • Industrial management
  • Purchasing Store keeping
  • Dental Technician (D.T))
  • Dental Hygienist (D.H))
  • Medical Lab Technician (M.L.T))
  • Multipurpose Health Worker (M) (M.P.H.W) (M))
  • Ophthalmic Technician (O.T))
  • Physiotherapy (P.T))
  • X-Ray Technician (X-R.T))
  • Multipurpose Veterinary Assistant (M.P.V.A))
  • Multipurpose Health Worker (F)(NEW) (M.P.H.W ) ( F) (NEW))
  • Clinical Assistant)
  • Hospital Administration)
  • Commercial Garment Designing & Making (C.G.D&M)
  • Fashion & Garment Making (F&G.M)
  • Hotel Operations (H.O)
  • Pre-School Teacher Training (P.S.T.T)
  • Health care & Beauty culture
  • Catering & Restaurant management
  • Institutional House keeping
  • Computer Graphics & Animation (C.G.A)
  • Tourism & Travel Techniques (T.T.T)
  • Commercial Art
  • DTP
  • 2D graphics/3D graphics
  • PGDC
  • Tally
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