Food Science Technology

This is a specialized branch of science called food science that deals with food processing or production. It is said to be the technology, which utilizes food science for the selection, preservation, packaging and distribution of different food items. It's been decades that different kinds of researches are being performed on this. Many companies across the globe have got a significant contribution in the growth and development of this technology. The various colleges located in different parts of the world are even not far behind. They have made a continuous endeavor in introducing varied courses related to food technology, which assists a student, who wish to prosper in this field gain a detailed knowledge about the subject.

pursued courses on food technology, which are prevalent in this nation:
  • Bachelor of Science or B .Sc. in Food Technology
  • Diploma Course in Food Science Technology
  • Food Science Technology Management
  • Master of Science or M. Sc. in Food Technology

Presently, the Republic of India has got increasing demand of food technologists. Numerous national and international companies belonging to the food processing sector employ professionals, who have got a sound knowledge and a certificate in food technology. Major Food Technology Examinations in India A candidate, who wants to enroll his or her name for any of the above courses, need to appear and qualify in the admission tests conducted by the respective institutes, where he or she intends to study in. The nature and level of these entrance examinations depend on the courses and the different institutions though. The names of some of the popular most food technology entrance examinations of India are as follows:

  • A.I.J.E.E. or All India Joint Entrance Examination
  • C.F.T.R.I. or Central Food Technological Research Institute Entrance Examination
  • G.A.T.E. Food Technology Entrance Examination
  • I.I.C.P.T. or Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology Entrance Examination
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