Physical Education

The physical education course encompass subjects like biomechanics, which is Kinesiology, coaching, measurement - evaluation, physical therapy, research, sport psychology, sociology in sports, administration, medicine, fitness, injury and training. A physical education course helps one to have a career in coaching and teaching and preparing students for sports and fitness programs. The study relates to general exercise, recreation, games, sports, nutrition, hygiene, fitness etc.


Major Physical Education Examinations in India for enrolling to study physical education course, one has to appear for the entrance exam. After which you can qualify to enrol in the college. Given below is a common entrance test held at various colleges. * Physical Education Common Entrance Test or PECET should be cleared before admission. There are various other courses in physical education like: certificate in Aerobics, Diploma in Yoga teacher training, Diploma in Physical education, Post graduate diploma in Adapted Physical education, Post graduate diploma in movement education etc. One can also complete certificate courses like the Certificate course in Yoga, Certified course in Naturopathy, Certificate course in Yoga and Naturopathy and many more.

Top Physical Education Colleges in India
  • Allahabad University, Uttar Pradesh
  • Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh
  • Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu
  • College of Physical education, Maharashtra
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi
  • Kurukshetra University, Haryana
  • University of Mysore, Karnataka
  • Visva Bharti University, West Bengal
  • University of Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • University of Calcutta, West Bengal
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